Agasha Ken'Ichi

Mysterious Wanderer


Agasha Ken’Ichi is most often remembered for his almost frantic pace of moving, speaking and acting. He is up early to travel, spends his afternoon protecting a small village from bandits, takes dinner at the local lord’s castle and celebrates with the peasants at the nearest tavern until long into the night, only to wake up the next day to do it all over again. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and it is rare to leave his presence without a smile on one’s face.

In those brief moments of inactivity, Ken’Ichi can be found to be fair of hair and complexion with a lithe and tawny build. His brown eyes and a charming smile are both known to sparkle at the start of an adventure, and Ken’Ichi is so very rarely NOT beginning a new adventure.


It is said that a man’s greatest virtue, is also his greatest curse. In the case of Agashi Ken’ichi that is true, as his boundless curiousity has defined him from his earliest days. As soon as he was able to walk, he was off searching for things unseen. As soon as he was able to speak, he was questioning the things before him. And as soon as he was able to leave the small village he’s been raised in, he did. A simple bushi’s life was not for Ken’ichi, not when there was the entirety of Rokugan to explore!

Ken’ichi has explored the length and breadth of Rokugan without cease since that day. While Ken’ichi might have certainly been a Ronin in the eyes of the traditional, it appears that the Kami has had other plans. During one of his trips near Phoenix lands, Ken’ichi’s luck ran out and a lively evening in a seedy tea house ended with Ken’ichi receiving a mortal wound. Though as he lay dying in the street, his life was saved by the timely intervention of Isawa Natsumi. She tended to him and many others in the town while Ken’ichi recovered, and he was overwhelmed by her goodness and strength of purpose. Listening to her speak to the people in the city of times past and things long lost, Ken’ichi’s soul thundered with the realization of his destiny. He was not meant to be a bushi, but he would certainly serve the Phoenix in his own way; by finding those things lost by time, neglect and panic and restoring them to the Phoenix Clan and the Empire.

Agasha Ken'Ichi

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