Asaka Isamu

Wizened Duelist and Bodyguard


Wizened and graying, Asaka Izamu is clearly nearing the end of his long life. His languid movements and taciturn nature can sometimes mask the wealth of experience and skill stored in his aging sword-arm. Never speaking when a grunt will suffice, his dress is plain and quite pointedly unadorned with the many honors he has won in his days.


Asaka Izamu has been a yojimbo to the scions of House Isawa for over 4 decades. It is credit enough to his longevity that his presence is assumed by the younger members of the Phoenix Clan. Through his many long years of service to the Clan, he has guarded no less than 4 of the current members of the Elemental Council. This fact alone may have been what prompted them to have him watch their newest member, Isawa Natsumi. He trails her like a shadow across the land, constant and insubstantial(thus far). But seeing the roiling chaos wrought in the wake of the Black Collar and knowing the ways of his youthful charge, Izamu knows that his blade will be called upon again very soon.

Asaka Isamu

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