Hida Hirito - Crab Clan

A large well armored man who was born to lead the Crab Clan


Journal 1

The torch light dances with along the walls as Hida Hirito stares at a huge map of the empire. The large man stares at the armies of the empire laid out before him with chits showing troop strength. Scouts enter and report to their superiors who move and update forces on the map. Hida notes the changes and quickly updates the plans in his mind. Hida looks up as a tall elegant thin man with shoulder length black hair gracefully enters the room.

“What is the word Yasuki?” Hida asks his friend Yasuki Roryokin. With a formal bow Yasuki replies “the forces await your command. The troops are eager but nervous. I stand ready as well.”

“Excellent, now is the time!” Hida says with fire in his voice as he slams his fist down on one of the territories. “The wall is quite and there are lands to be had. It is by our blood and sacrifice that the clans can spend their time doting on the emperor. We risk much, but I am determined to make sure the Crab never has to beg for troops again.”

“I will need you at court.” Hida says. He shakes his head ruefully, “I thought to show the emperor that we still stand strong and loyal. Apparently the emperor didn’t think much of our display.” Hida sighs as he continues, “Court manners have forever eluded me. You however were born to it and your time with Crane will be invaluable. I fear that court will be as much or more of a battle ground than the wars that occur in the field. If we fail at either task then ruin will come to the Crab clan. Be safe and do what needs to be done.”

Hida Hirito - Crab Clan

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