Isawa Natsumi

Master of Air


Isawa Natsumi is a beautiful woman of great social grace. Slight of figure with flowing black hair and alabaster skin, the Isawa family has been receiving marriage offers for many years. Natsumi is warm and welcoming in conversation, and treats all that speak to her with respect. Her fervor to restore Rokugan to its prior glory becomes apparent for her incredible ability to return every conversation to those matters. She has become quite well known in Phoenix lands for her many charitable acts and her frequent assistance to those affected by disease or injury.

In more recent times as her fame has risen, rumors have been heard about some as of yet unknown familial dabbling into the darker arts. Natsumi’s malformed left hand is most often held up as evidence of some sinister background. For her part, Natsumi places no importance on such things and has never refused a question about it or her family’s history.


Newly elected as the Master of Air, Isawa Natsumi’s election to the council came as a surprise to many amongst the Clan. While her power and potential as a Shugenja was always apparent, it was expected that her ascension to the Elemental Council would happen much later than 27. The youngest of 4, Natsumi followed all of her siblings (2 brothers and a sister) in the path of the Isawa shugenja, each uniquely adept at the craft. Her older sister passed first, slain in one of the innumerable clan struggles. The Black Collar took from her both brothers and her father. Her mother (originally of the Kitsune of the Dragon Clan) was crippled by the Black Collar and has been struck mute.

Despite these tragedies, or maybe because, Natsumi has worked tirelessly to heal those affected by the Black Collar and the other numerous ailments that sprang up in the aftermath of the Gaijin landing. The re-opening of the Otosan Uchi has become a glimmer of hope to Natsumi. Like the first breeze of spring melting the snow that has buried the countryside, the first springs of civilization are returning to Rokugan. And if any clan understands what it is to struggle, suffer and eventually be reborn, it is the Phoenix.

Isawa Natsumi

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