Shiba Suzume

Shugenja of War


Shiba Suzume is of above-average height(5’7") and build for a normally bookish Phoenix Clan shugenja. Her features are unwelcoming, though not displeasing to look upon. She rarely smiles, and usually speaks in a small, reserved voice. She has very little interaction with the other Great Clans, and frequently looks uncomfortable and bored in social situations. Her choice of dress can charitably be described as immodest, though her behavior is cool and reserved.


It has been a long standing goal for the Phoenix Clan to create peace and harmony amongst all the peoples of Rokugan. But despite centuries of working towards this end, the Clan Wars and the Gaijin invasion have convinced more pragmatic elements of House Shiba to recognize the necessity of preparing the Phoenix Clan for the inevitable return of war to the land.

Shiba Suzume was born with that rare gift that allowed her communion with the spirits of the land. While this is not at all uncommon to the houses that have been intermarried with the line of the Isawa shugenja, Suzume’s training was quite different than that of the normal Phoenix shugenja. Rather than delving into individual mastery, Suzume was tasked with learning the best ways to tie together the efforts of many other shugenja into a whole greater than the sum of its parts. This skill, when coupled with her extensive training into the arts of war, has bred a field commander unlike any other in the Phoenix Clan’s long history. What will come of this training remains to be seen.

Shiba Suzume

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