The Crane Clan

The Elegant Artisans


During the dawn of the Emerald Empire, it was the Emperor’s beloved sister, Lady Doji, who created the traditions and customs that would become the social system of Rokugan. In the one thousand years since that time, there have been precious few times that the Crane have not utterly dominated the social environment of the Empire. The reign of the Hantei Dynasty was a period of prosperity for the Crane, with the clan supplying wives to almost all the Emperors of that line, and dominating the position of Emerald Champion for much of that time. The beauty of the Crane’s system is that they reinforce their dominance of social conventions through iaijutsu, the formal dueling method that is used to resolve differences. The fact was that the Crane were partially responsible for the creation of the Empire’s justice system and the emphasis on iaijutsu, an art at which the Crane are unquestionably the masters in the whole of the Empire.


The noble house of Doji is unified in their outlook on the disaster Rokugon has weathered. This is a time of rebirth for the entire empire! Lady Doji clearly set this event in motion to allow for the great clans to see there are threats much greater from outside the empire. The empire must rebuild to it’s former glory to face any destructive forces with a unified will that reflects the unity of the first days of thunder.

To that end, the Doji are openly endorsing economic peace and prosperity! Our borders are open and trade will kick start our great empire, helping us all recover. The Crane clan’s wealth is a reflection of the Emperor’s glory and it should serve the empire accordingly! Long live Emperor Toturi IV, long live the empire!

Current Members:
Clan Champion Doji Ariko
Diplomat Doji Nari
Duelist Kakita Kosho

The Crane Clan

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