The Imperials

What's Left of the Current Dynasty


The Totori lineage began after the Hantei line finally ended during the Second Day of Thunder. The Toturi produced a line of rulers known for their keen understanding of the people of Rokugan, and justly balanced the prosperity of both the peasants and the nobility. Having expelled the peasants of the outer city, the great city of Otosan Uchi reopens its gates. Toturi IV sends out a call for the leaders of the Clans to come and discuss the future of the Empire. The Emerald Champion has died of the Plague that winter. She must be replaced. Provinces must be brought back under control. The lawlessness must be stamped out. Nemuranai, the ancestral magic items, lost to plague and panic must be recovered. Alliances and trade must be reforged. The Empire must be reborn.

Current Members:
Emperor Toturi IV
Seppun Kuron
Otomo Wampei
Seppun Tamaki

The Imperials

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