The Scorpion Clan

The Treacherous Underhand


The Scorpion Clan is a brutally effecient and easily the most hated of clans. They do not mind this distinction however as they know that being so hated by all is part of what promotes the stability of the empire. The Clan is known to imply tactics that to most others are seen as dishonorable, but the Scorpion have a different sense of honor, for them Loyalty is the only requirement for honor and clan members are either fiecrley loyal or swiftly removed. Their primary interests is to preserve the clan and the empire through any means necessary and they are not beneath assassination or sabatage to see that they get their way. They are an ambitious lot and to thwart their plans is to invite swift, efficient, retribution.

Current Members:

Bayushi Katsuo
Bayushi Ichirou
Shosuro Daisuke
Shosuro Hideki

The Scorpion Clan

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