Crab Clan

The Crab Clan – The Stubborn Defenders

No clan in the history of Rokugan can hope to rival the reputation the Crab Clan has for resilience and siege prowess. The Kami Hida, son of the Sun and Moon, brother of the Emperor, volunteered to defend the Empire from the nightmarish demons of the Shadowlands, far south of Rokugan. In the wake of the war with Fu Leng, the Empire had a great deal of fear regarding the Shadowlands, but fear was not something that Hida and his followers understood. They were warriors whose sheer physical power was without compare, and for centuries they stood against an enemy limitless in number and unrivaled in evil. After seven centuries, they constructed the Great Carpenter Wall, at that time the single most amazing edifice in existence, to keep the demon hordes at bay, and their brave warriors stood atop it in the face of absolute, unwavering evil from the demons and monstrosities of the Shadowlands.
The main families of the Crab are:

  • The Hida are the previous lords of the clan and among the greatest warriors in the land.
  • The Hiruma are the scouts and guardians of the Crab, gathering vital information.
  • The Kaiu are the greatest engineers and siege masters, maintaining the Wall.
  • The Kuni are the clan’s sinister shugenja, understanding a darkness no one else can.
  • The Yasuki are the merchant lords, ensuring that the never-ending war is paid for.

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Crab Clan

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