Lion Clan

The Lion Clan – The Proud Warriors

For more than one thousand years, the Lion Clan has served as the Right Hand of the Emperor. They are the greatest military force in the known world, the sword that destroys all that threaten the Emperor or the Empire. In the eyes of many throughout the Empire, the Lion embody honor and tradition, for all the good and bad that such a description implies. Among the ranks of the Lion, four families work together as one to create an unstoppable military might.
The main families of the Lion are:

  • The sons of Akodo produce the greatest officers and commanders in the Empire.
  • The daughters of Matsu supply the ranks of Rokugan’s most numerous armies.
  • The scions of Ikoma serve as scouts and diplomats who sing the clan’s praises.
  • The heirs of Kitsu commune with the sacred ancestors of the Lion for guidance.

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Lion Clan

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