Mantis Clan

The Mantis Clan – The Independent Seafarers

Alone among the Great Clans, the Mantis Clan has carved its position from the world by pure force of will, seizing destiny where others merely accept what is offered to them. The Mantis began existence in the early centuries of the Empire, when the Hantei Dynasty was yet young. Born of the Crab and Lion, the young hero Kaimetsu-uo forged his own path when his sibling was chosen as heir by his father, the Crab Clan Champion, and sailed to the distant Islands of Silk & Spice to create his own legacy. The Mantis were among the very first Minor Clans, and existed as such for hundreds of years until the unprecedented days of the Clan War, when the Mantis Champion Yoritomo stood among the Great Clan Champions and demanded his place among their ranks. The others accepted, pending success upon the battlefield that day, and the Mantis fought harder than any others. The day was won, the Toturi Dynasty was created, and the Mantis Clan ascended to the position of Great Clan. Since that time, three more families have joined the clan, and together, they stand tall and proud among their comrades as the house of the Mantis Clan.
The main families of the Mantis are:

  • The Yoritomo previously lead the clan in the name of their founder, the peerless hero.
  • The Moshi guide the clan’s spirit, embracing their ways and forging one path.
  • The Tsuruchi lend their bows and their skill at hunting to the family’s pursuits.
  • The Kitsune lend their magic and their respect in the courts to the clan’s work.

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Mantis Clan

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