Phoenix Clan

The Phoenix Clan – The Wise Shugenja

Although the titles affiliated with many Great Clans can be and are disputed by others, such as the Lion’s status as the preeminent military power in the Empire, the status of the Phoenix Clan as the greatest shugenja in the Empire has never been questioned, or at least not publically. For reasons owing both to heredity as well as the teachings of the clan’s founders, there are none in the Empire who can rival the sheer power and number of shugenja that the Phoenix can field. Truly, their priests are beloved by the kami, who answer their prayers with great vigor and relish.

The history of the Phoenix Clan is unusual, compared to most. It was created when Shiba, a child of the Sun and Moon, knelt before the mortal Isawa and pledged to protect his line for all time. Isawa and his tribe were known in the early Empire to be the most powerful sorcerers, and Shiba knew that they were needed to create a stable domain for his brother’s new nation. Thus the Phoenix were created, and despite a turbulent past with frequent incidents of members falling to darkness in pursuit of knowledge, the clan has remained the preeminent mystical force in an entire Empire.
The main families of the Phoenix are:

  • The noble Shiba take up steel in defense of the clan and the other families.
  • The powerful Isawa previously ruled the clan and delve into the mysteries of the elements.
  • The monastic Asako enforce the purity of the clan in the face of great temptation.
  • The versatile Agasha, once vassals of the Dragon, explore new methods of magic.

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Phoenix Clan

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