Scorpion Clan

The Scorpion Clan – The Treacherous Underhand

Throughout history, few clans have been as reviled as the Scorpion Clan. Founded by the wily and manipulative Bayushi, the Scorpion’s Kami was tasked by the first Emperor to ensure that his clans never turned against him. Bayushi and his followers accomplished this most sacred task by providing the other clans with a villain they could despise, in order to ensure that they never turned their thoughts to claiming the throne for themselves. Toward this purpose, the Scorpion embraced all manner of tactics and customs considered disgraceful by the other clans, and were generally regarded as dishonorable in all cases. The one true virtue espoused by the Scorpion, however, was that of loyalty; just as the Scorpion were loyal to the throne, each individual samurai was undyingly loyal to his superiors. It was only through this method that the clan could survive.
The main families of the Scorpion are:

  • The Bayushi are the lords, the soldiers, and the courtiers of the clan.
  • The Shosuro are the scouts, assassins, and infiltrators of the clan.
  • The Soshi are the magistrates and one shugenja family in service of the Scorpion.
  • The Yogo are the inquisitors and the second shugenja family of the clan.

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Scorpion Clan

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