Unicorn Clan

The Unicorn Clan – The Savage Explorers

Sons and daughters of the Lady Shinjo, the most compassionate of the children of the Sun and Moon, the Unicorn Clan has long sought to find its place in an Empire that forgot about them during a long and difficult absence. Early in the existence of the Empire, when the first war with the dark god Fu Leng had been concluded, Lady Shinjo petitioned her brother the Emperor for the right to travel the world with her Ki-Rin Clan and discover other potential threats like Fu Leng. If the Empire was ignorant of such threats, she reasoned, it could not hope to stand against them. The Emperor reluctantly agreed, and Lady Shinjo and her followers departed from the Empire amid much fanfare and mourning. For more than seven centuries, the Unicorn wandered the world beyond Rokugan, encountering countless cultures and gaining many allies and enemies. When the clan finally returned to Rokugan, many doubted their identity, for most had assumed the followers of Lady Shinjo had been dead for centuries. The returned Clan, now calling themselves the Unicorn, had been hardened by their years of nomadic existence and their exposure to other cultures made them seem like barbarians to the Rokugani. In time, the Unicorn and their Khan proved their identity through political favors and battlefield victories, and they were granted their position and their old lands.
The main families of the Unicorn are:

  • The Moto previously ruled the family and serve as the bulk of its armies.
  • The Shinjo are the scouts and tacticians who guide the clan’s armies to victory.
  • The Utaku are the most elite cavalry force in the Empire, feared by all.
  • The Iuchi master the many forms of magic the clan encountered while traveling.
  • The Ide represent the Unicorn’s interests in the various courts of Rokugan.

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Unicorn Clan

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