Chronicles of Yama: Part 2

Yama finished reading the last message from General Husaki of the Lion Clan. They were on intent on claiming Shisame, as well. It seemed a conflict with their neighboring clan would be inevitable. The Lion, as in years past, had a hunger for battle and territory and it seemed their disposition had not changed since the gaijin plague. Having already expanded their holdings to six provinces, they now seemed intent on adding a seventh, or if the rumors were true, perhaps an eighth. Depending on this played out, a battle between the Dragon and Lion could be the catalyst for much instability in the empire. We gave them a chance to withdraw honorably, thought Yama, and they refused. So be it.

For the Dragon, claiming Shisame and ridding that province of the bandit presence was now a matter of honor for the Dragon Clan. His brother, Yokuni, had led an exploratory force into the privince, not expecting much resistance. It seemed the Warlord Shodokai was more entrenched and better defended than they had originally thought. Yokuni did manage to inflict some casualties to Shodokai’s forces before retreating in order to regroup for a second offensive. General Yama convinced his brother to allow him the honor of leading the second attack. Yokuni was more gifted at personal combat. When it came to mass combat, Yama was without peer among the Dragon.

Captain Hiroki approached Gerneral Yama. “Will we still be riding into Shisame, my Lord?”

Yama looked toward the hills of Shisame in the distance. This would be more than the minimally challenging fray from the previous month in Agasha. He would be fighting organized opponents, perhaps on two fronts. He had grown up reading of the military exploits of the Lion. And Shodokai was not a complete barbarian, it seemed. This would be a true challenge, he mused. A slight smile formed on the corners of Yama’s mouth. Not much, but just noticeable to Captain Hiroki.

“Yes, Hiroki,” he replied. “Gather all the captains and strike leaders in my tent. We will still be riding into Shisame on the morrow…but with a slightly different strategy.”

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